The Restoration of the reredos

‘This ornate reredos, with documentary evidence suggesting it was designed by C E Kempe or a contemporary of his (G F Bodley or Skipworth) was presented to the church in 1897. Historically and artistically it is of significant importance, and is the most distinguished furnishing in Holy Trinity church. Its future needs to be considered with care, for as time passes this reredos will become more and more important both artistically and historically.’
~ Peter Martindale, Institute of Conservation, 2009

Reredos figure reredos behind alter lower panel

We would like to express our thanks to those who contributed towards the church reredos appeal. The monies raised provided for necessary restoration to the reredos as well repairs to and repainting of the paneling on the Sanctuary and cleaning of the altar. The work involved was detailed and painstaking but the end result was well worth the effort and has revealed more clearly the beauty of our fine Sanctuary.

More information about this conservation project, including a history of the reredos and images, can be found in the links to the left.