Web Links

The Church:

The Holy See www.vatican.va
UK Catholic Parish Directory www.ukcpd.com
Diocese of Plymouth http://www.plymouth-diocese.org.uk/
Holy Trinity Parish Dorchester www.holytrinitycatholicchurchdorchester.org.uk
UK Priest (Vocational Information) http://ukpriest.org/

Catholic Media:

Catholic Herald www.catholicherald.co.uk
The Universe www.thecatholicuniverse.com
EWTN Catholic Word network www.ewtn.com
Catholic Truth Society www.cts-online.org.uk
Zenit News Agency - www.zenit.org

Other Links:

Aid to the Church in Need www.churchinneed.org
CAFOD www.cafod.org.uk
Catholic Women's League (CWL) www.catholicwomensleague.org
DSFS Charitable Trust - information
Society of St. Vincent de Paul (SVP) www.svp.org.uk
MISSION - Catholic Mission Charity - www.missio.org.uk

Holy Trinity has a wide variety of items in the Church's Repository for sale to Parishioners, and can also place specific orders, but the following links may also be useful:

Buckfast Abbey Bookshop www.buckfast.org.uk/page-bookshop.html
Fairtrade www.fairtrade.org.uk
Traidcraft www.traidcraft.co.uk