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Holy Trinity Church, High West Street, Dorchester

Located opposite the Horse With The Red Umbrella Cafe
(Postcode for Sat Nav: DT1 1UJ), on the junction of High West Street and Trinity Street.


A small Church car park is located on Colliton Street, adjacent to Grey School Passage. Non-allocated parking is limited to five spaces including one for disability access. Car park should only be used by those undertaking Church duties, attending Mass or visiting the Church. Further parking can be found in town at the Top of Town Car Park, Trinity Street Car Parks, or Charles Street Car Park. There is also limited paid parking on High West Street. At times use of the Car Park may be reserved exclusively for special users (e.g. family members attending funerals or weddings). Please adhere to signage displayed in the car park. Parking in allocated parking spaces is not allowed at any time and could cause serious inconvenience to those carrying out Church duties. Please consider how essential your need is before using the car park.

Wheelchair Access Access for wheelchair users, via side passage to church through garden gate.

Loo access Toilet with accessible access.

Hearing Loop Loop system for those with impaired hearing.

Guide Dogs welcome Assistance dogs are welcome

Holy Trinity Parish Centre, Culliford Road North, Dorchester, DT1 1QG

Located at the North end of Culliford Road, off South Walks Road, within grounds shared with the independent Sunninghill Prep School. Main Drive leads up to Parish Centre, DSFS Convent and Presbytery buildings on the left-hand side, whilst Sunninghill School buildings are on the right-hand side of the grounds.

Parish Centre Location

Wheelchair Access Access for wheelchair users via door entrance ramp.

Loo access Toilet with accessible access.

Guide Dogs welcome Assistance dogs are welcome


There is a limited designated car park for those in session at the Parish Centre. No parking is allowed anywhere else within the grounds, including grassed areas or Sunninghill School property. Further parking for Parish Centre users can be found in town at the Charles Street Car Park, Trinity Street Car Parks or Top of Town Car Park.